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Current Adult Bible Class Subjects

In our Adult Bible class, we are currently studying an Overview of the Old Testament on Sunday Mornings and a series on Marriage and the Family entitled We Lived Happliy Ever After on Wednesday Evenings.  Starting at the end of June we will continue our Old Testament Overview and on Wednesday Evening we will start a 13 week series called Your Fresh Start.  This series will address what a new convert needs to learn as soon as possible and in the first year of their Christian life.  It will equally address common challenges that new Christians face early on, discouragements, and how we can encourage them.   We also have Bible classes for all ages. Please consider joining us!

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Sunday May 29 2016

Old Testament: 2 Samuel 14-15 2 Samuel 14-15

(Daily Reading, ESV)

Recent Lessons

  1. Faith or Fear
    Mark Dunagan
  2. The Snare
    Mark Dunagan
  3. The Gnostics and Us
    Mark Dunagan
  4. We Overcame
    Mark Dunagan
  5. Is Baptism Essential?
    Mark Dunagan
  6. The Power of Forgiveness
    Mark Dunagan
  7. Where We Dwell
    Mark Dunagan
  8. Wisely Using the Present Time
    Mark Dunagan

Lesson 1 of the Bible Basics Video Series

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