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Lesson Series

Is There A God

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Is There a God?

When it comes to the existence of God, Scripture assumes God’s existence to be made crystal clear by all the evidence within the Creation around us (Psalm 19:1-2; Romans 1:20). 

1. The Complexity of the Human Body:  Psalm 139:14

The human brain is able to process more than one million messages per second, Beyond being the warehouse for one's knowledge, it of course gives us the ability to  reason, to produce feelings, to dream, plan, take action and relate to other people. Evolution says that everything is the result of mindless and random chance. Yet the human eye and brain are both far more advanced than our most sophisticated computers and cameras, which are the products of years of research and engineering, for among other actions,  it can distinguish between seven million colors, has automatic focusing and handles 1.5 million messages simultaneously. 

2. The Universe Exists---What Caused It?

Years of scientific discovery have actually set the stage for this reason to acknowledge God's existence, for science has discovered a truth which God revealed long ago: that matter is not eternal (Hebrews 1:10-12  Where did the universe originate? Can something come from nothing? Ponder this: If there ever had been a time when nothing existed, then there would be nothing now.  It is a self-evident truth that nothing produces nothing.  In view of this, since something exists now, it must follow logically that something or Someone has existed forever.  Here we only have two choices. Either everything miraculously came from nothing, (life spontaneously generated), or God miraculously created everything (Genesis 1:1). Which miracle is most likely? Which miracle does the evidence support? Has matter existed forever or has Immaterial Intelligence existed forever?  Matter creating matter is an illogical, unscientific answer; this is readily seen in the very fact that scientists assign an “age” to the universe (which includes all the matter that composes it).  An age admits a “beginning” or starting point and proves that matter is not eternal.   This universe that exists either came from Mind, or it came from Matter. When one explores the complexity and wise design of the universe, the only reasonable and scientific conclusion the honest mind can reach is that an Omniscient Mind with Omniscient power has always existed. 

3. The Precise Laws that Govern the Universe: Job 38:33

While it may seem that much of life is uncertain, we often forget about how much of life is quite certain— things that remain the same day in and day out: gravity remains constant, so do mathematical equations, the fact that a hot cup of coffee left on a counter will cool down, the earth will rotate in 24 hours, and that the speed of light remains the same.  In other words, how do we explain the existence of so many unchanging laws in nature?  Why is the universe so orderly, and so reliable?   Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner said, “Why nature is mathematical is a mystery…The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle” (The Meaning of It All:  Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist, p. 43).  The existence of a great engineer who planned the universe is the only logical explanation for the precise and consistent laws that govern the universe (Colossians 1:16-17).  

4. The Foundation of Scientific Discovery

As scientists do their research, they are operating on two assumptions, both of which tie back to the existence of a Creator who planned and governs the universe.  First, that the above mentioned laws do not change—and will not change.  Second, that the laws and principles that govern the universe are both logical and can be discovered and understood by the human brain.  "The first Cause of infinite complexity, must be omniscient." Henry Morris

5. The Existence of DNA

In every cell of our body, there is an incredibly precise and detailed instruction code, much like a computer program.  Computer programs are made up of ones and zeros; in a similar way the DNA code in each of our cells is made up of four chemicals that scientists have abbreviated as A,T,G, and C.  Just as an engineer designs a computer program, our DNA instructs our cells with a three billion-lettered program that tells the cell what to do.  These are more than just chemicals, they are chemicals that instruct.  One cannot find precise information like this, without Someone intentionally constructing it. 

6. The Precision of the Universe

Solomon noted that when God created the universe, He used wisdom (Proverbs 8:27-31), that is, the universe and the earth were planned, rather than just thrown together in haste. Rather than just creating a rock that would float around in space, Isaiah says that God formed the earth to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18).  The countless exacting conditions that are necessary for life to even exist and be sustained on this planet shout the existence of an Intelligent Designer. “The rotation of the earth on its axis, for instance, is 1,000 mile per hour at the equator. If it were 100 instead, the days and nights would be ten times as long, the result of which would be the burning up of all vegetation each long day and the freezing of each surviving sprout each long night. The sun, the source of light, has surface temperatures of 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit; the earth is far enough away for the right warmth, not too far, yet not too close. If the sun gave less radiation, the result would freeze us all, and if more, it would roast us all. The slant of the earth is at an angle of 23 degrees, which gives seasons, and if not so tilted the movement of the vapors of the sea would turn continents into ice. If the moon were set at less distance from the earth tides would submerge all continents twice daily, and the mountains would erode away. If the crust of the earth were ten feet thicker, there would be no oxygen and all life would die, and if the ocean were a few feet deeper, no life could exist. If the atmosphere were thinner … meteors which hurl from their orbits and dart toward the earth and which now burn... in the atmosphere, would shoot to ground and set fires over the whole earth, all of which is proof that life was created, is governed by mathematical laws, and is not an accident.” (Bulwarks of the Faith, Vol. 11, pages 332, 333. F.E. Wallace. For seventy-five more exacting conditions see the chart provided). Certainly the design and care with which the laws of physics, the universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and the planet Earth were crafted demands an Omniscient, Omnipotent Creator.

7. Precision Everywhere—Even on the Smallest Level

“Scientists have found that within the cell, there are thousands of what can be called ‘biochemical machines.’ All of their parts have to be in place simultaneously or the cell can’t function. Things which were thought to be simple mechanisms, such as being able to sense light and turn it into electrical impulses, are in fact highly complicated” (Is There Really a God?  How Would You Answer?  Ken Hamm). 

8. Without God---Everyone is Wrong, Not Just Christians

The Christian standard of morality God has called us to has made a world of difference in the quality of life for those who embrace it and even those who themselves do not embrace it, but live in close proximity enough enjoy the ripple effects of those who do.  Friendships and marriages are far richer, better decisions concerning their finances and earthly well-being and health are enjoyed.  Atheists can be quite short-sighted in their wishful thinking their God not exist:

  • The founding documents of this country are erroneous, for those documents insist that we have a Creator and that all men are created equal.
  • The great causes of the past, such as the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and the fight against oppression in the Second World War---were not great causes after all, for without God-given virtues, there is no value in selflessness, sacrifice, valor or goodness.
  • All movements based on “rights”, such as human rights or the Civil Rights Movements or the right for women to vote were likewise meaningless and a waste of time.  In a universe without God, “rights” do not actually exist for humans or animals, for without God-given virtues there is no such thing as fairness or kindness. All causes or movements against oppression are similarly illogical, including movements against child abuse, wife abuse, and sex trafficking.  Remember, without God—there are no wrongs.  There is nothing absolutely wrong about oppressing others in a universe without God. If humans are just evolved animals, then the natural violence seen in the natural world is neither wrong nor right, it's just, well, "natural".
  •  If God does not exist, then most of the laws in this country are based on an incorrect foundation that people have special value. Thus, it is pointless to argue that one should put one's child in a car seat, or that certain people need to be in prison so that the innocent can be protected.
  • Most of what has been written about such attributes as “love”, “sacrifice”,  and “patience” is pointless.  They are just empty words. 
  • Much of what has been written about “marriage”, “the family”, “motherhood” and “fatherhood” is also pointless.
  • If God does not exist, both conservatives and liberals are wrong.  People who are against the death-penalty often mention the danger of an innocent person being executed.  So what if an innocent person is executed?  Without God, and without man being made in God’s image—there is no more tragedy here than there is when a gazelle is taken down by a cheetah.
  • All environmental movements are without a real meaningful foundation.  It only makes sense to take good care of this Creation, if we are stewards of something quite special that belongs to someone else (Psalm 24:1; Genesis 1:28).  The argument that we need to leave a better world for our children or grandchildren only makes sense if they have value beyond simply being related to us.
  • Most of what has been written about such events as 9/11  or other tragedies would also be equally incorrect without God, for if we are all just evolved animals, such events would no more tragic than a herd of deer dying off because of a cold winter or a school of fish dying because too much dirt washed into the river during a flood.  Without God, all the tragedies of the past—were not tragedies.

So why do both conservatives and liberals, and people of every race and political party use the same language or concepts? Why do they all talk of “rights” and speak of things that we “ought” to be doing.  Why do all fight against what they perceive to be “injustices” against what they perceive to be “fair"?  Because deep down we are realize that men are created in God’s image and as a result all men really do manifest His moral nature (Genesis 1:26).  

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