Sunday Sermons

Sunday Sermons

Romans Self Test


Romans 12:9-18




With 1 being "rarely" and 5 being "frequently", answer the following questions about yourself:



  1. I select friends based on what they can do for me.
  2. I talk about other people behind their backs, I like to listen to gossip.
  3. I feel horrible when I sin.
  4. I resent God’s restrictions.
  5. I am passionate about what is right and good.
  6. I inwardly gloat when other people fail.
  7. I feel close to other Christians like I do to my own physical family.
  8. I take the initiative in complementing and encouraging others.
  9. I wish more people would give me compliments.
  10. I get really upset when I am not the center of attention.
  11. I look for a reason to get mad, upset, or quit.
  12. I wait for other people to organize classes, get-togethers, etc.
  13. I feel that I never get any breaks in life and that I deserve better.
  14. What really excites me is God’s work.
  15. I am excited in coming to services and worshipping God.
  16. I am active in the Bible class, prepared, ready to answer questions, and intent on encouraging the teacher and other students.
  17. I talk to my friends about how much I am learning, how good the sermon was, and what a neat congregation I attend.
  18. I am optimistic about the future.
  19. I have a hard time complaining.
  20. I am easily irritated and easily offended.
  21. I don’t really like people and prefer to spend time all by myself.
  22. I feel sorry for myself.
  23. I feel that I am under a lot of stress and I resent setbacks, problems, and things that demand that I readjust my plans.
  24. I pray every day.
  25. I want to try to gather as many material possessions for myself as I can.
  26. I am presently giving as I have been prospered.
  27. I believe that my free time belongs to me.
  28. I like people and want to open up my home to friends.
  29. I like to hold a grudge.
  30. If someone wrongs me, they are counted as an enemy forever.
  31. When a friend or schoolmate gets a new car I feel happy for them.
  32. I like to hurt people who have hurt me.
  33. I often find myself getting jealous.
  34. I give people the benefit of the doubt.
  35. I think that I am smarter than most people.
  36. Being popular or being viewed as a winner is very important to me.
  37. I look down upon people who are poor and don’t like being around someone viewed as a social outcast.
  38. If someone does me wrong, I feel justified in doing something sinful in return.
  39. I like other Christians.
  40. I have a positive view of the Church.
  41. I just want to do for God only what is the bare minimum of service.
  42. I take the initiative in mending relationships.
  43. I don’t like saying I’m sorry, I think apologizing is for weak people.
  44. I feel that I don’t really need other people.
  45. For the boys: I want to be an elder in the church someday.
  46. For the girls: I want to teach bible class and bring friends to services.
  47. I would be really happy, if only I had_______________________.